‘FIFA 22’ kicks up gaming realism with real motion capture matches

For 'FIFA 22,' due out Oct. 1, EA Sports used motion capture of live competition from 22 pro soccer players (each wore a mocap suit) to add more realism to the game.

To bring more realism to “FIFA 22,” EA Sports went to extremes on the pitch – and brought inclusivity to its announcing team.

The video game publisher had 22 players put on Xsens motion capture suits and then play competitive matches in Spain. All that data – more than 8.7 million frames of advanced match capture, EA Sports says – will be used to create real-time soccer gameplay animations as players mash controller buttons.

And the game maker also is bringing its first female announcer to the game: Alex Scott, who played for the English national team and Arsenal of the Women’s Super League. “This is a big moment for FIFA, for football and women and girls across the world,” she said on Twitter and Instagram. “Whilst I am the first English-speaking female broadcaster to feature in FIFA, I will certainly not be the last.”

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